Improving Product Design with MidJourney

Do you have a product that needs better packaging or a cooler design? It should come as no surprise that AI can be a great way to improve the look of your product and its packaging. It’s particularly good at coming up with new concepts and looks for items.

What Can MidJourney Do with Product Design?

MidJourney has been useful for making logos for a while now, but what about more advanced designs? I recently saw a post on Reddit where someone had designed drink cans using MidJourney. That sparked the idea that you can do product design, to a certain extent, on MidJourney.

Of course, you can’t do the text with the AI, since that will just come out as gibberish, but you can certainly get some great ideas and then either perfect them in a design program, such as Illustrator, or have someone else design it for you. Essentially, you’re creating a mockup of what you want for the product, but will need to do the actual design separately.

Here’s an example of what you can get by asking MJ to design your product for you. I asked it to design a bag of almond flour.

Here is another design, this time for Guatemalan coffee:

Obviously, you can’t use these as is for a design, but it makes sense to see what the product could look like, then hand it off to a designer. Within minutes, you could easily have 10-20 design ideas that can then be turned into real product packaging, thanks to AI.

How to Use MidJourney to Improve Your Product Designs

As always, the trick to getting the best results from MidJourney is using the right prompt. You need to give it details. For something like this, you’ll need to use:

Product packaging type: Is it a jar? A can? A bag? Let MidJourney know what material and shape it’s working with so it can do the best job of rendering it.

Product: Tell MidJourney what the product is. Is there coffee in that bag or is it dried fruit? Does the can have beans in it or is it a beer can? Get specific!

Image details: Do you want something specific in the image? Perhaps you want bright colors or a dark bag with tan line drawings. Again, specify what you want so MidJourney can give it to you.

Art style: Define your art style so MidJourney knows that you want a cartoon image on the can or a line drawing on the tin. You can also specify light or dark styles.

Lighting: If you want to get dramatic, mention dramatic lighting or dark shadows to the AI. You can also ask for studio lighting, golden hour, etc. to get the look you want.

Examples of MidJourney Product Packaging Prompts

The following images were generated with the prompts above them. For this one, I used:

design a jar of blueberry jam, product image with a nice label that has a cluster of blueberries on it –v 5

design a photorealistic beer can with line drawings of everest on it –v 5

tan leather crossover bag with embroidered flowers on it in dark, rich colors, the bag sits on a rock by a lake at the golden hour –v 5

As you can see, the prompts allow you to get a fairly specific idea and have MidJourney run with it. If you’re looking for some new ideas for product design or product packaging, consider using MidJourney AI to give your inspiration a boost. It’s easy to do and you’ll get a lot of new ideas out of it.

Improving Product Design with MidJourney

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