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The New MidJourney Vary Region Tool

MidJourney has come out with yet another awesome tool that will make life easier. You may have noticed a new button under upscaled images that says “vary region.” It’s not necessarily intuitive when you see that, but trust me when I say it’s actually very cool. If you’ve ever created the PERFECT design in MidJourney, […]

The New MidJourney Zoom Out Feature

If you’ve been following the news for MidJourney, you know that the new MidJourney zoom out feature is killer. It allows you to come up with a new design and then zoom back, while it creates new surrounding details. This is exactly what we’ve been wanting and MidJourney has delivered! The zoom out features show […]

5 Ways to Use MidJourney Patterns

MidJourney has several different functions that can help you get the best possible images from it. One of these, which we’ll be looking at today, is the –tile function. This gives you a seamless pattern that you can use in a variety of ways. I love this feature on MidJourney and use it often. You […]

How to Get MidJourney to Zoom Out

Hey, are you looking for info on MidJourney’s new zoom out feature? Then you’ll want this post! Do you love the images you get from MidJourney, but find they’re just too close on the subject? A common query is how to get MidJourney to zoom out so you can see more of the image. There […]

How to Prompt MidJourney with an Image

MidJourney is commonly used with text prompts and you can even get ChatGPT to write up prompts for you. However, there’s a better way if you have a very specific image that you want used. You can prompt MidJourney with an image and text, so it knows what you’re looking for. How to Prompt MidJourney […]

How to Use the New MidJourney Describe

Just a few days ago, MidJourney came out with a brand new command. The new /describe allows you to reverse engineer images to get similar results. So the next time you see an ai image and you wonder, how did they do that? You can just ask MidJourney to tell you. How to Use the […]

How to Make Zoom Backgrounds with MidJourney AI

During the pandemic, pretty much everyone started using Zoom to communicate with others. One of the big issues with chatting in video is that people can see where you are! If you have a messy kitchen behind you, it doesn’t give the best impression. That’s why more and more people are using Zoom backgrounds, which […]

Can I Use MidJourney to Create a Logo?

MidJourney is an AI art generator that will take pretty much anything you write and turn it into a visual depiction. This brings us to the question, can MidJourney create logos? And, if it can, are they any good? Yes, MidJourney Can Create Logos MidJourney can’t do text, but for the visual elements of the […]

10 Ways to Use MidJourney to Make Money

Youtube is full of videos on how to make money using Midjourney these days, but is it really a get-rich-quick method? Honestly, everything you do to make money is going to require some effort. That’s where most people get stuck. However, you can use MidJourney to make money online, so today we’ll be looking at […]

Why Can’t MidJourney Draw Hands?

If you’ve used any AI art creator, you know that hands are the big downfall of AI art. Why MidJourney can’t draw hands is more about the input than it is to do with the intelligence of the program. Fortunately, the AI is being upgraded on a regular basis and this is an issue that […]

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